Online store integration options for WooCommerce stores have been reinvented with the launch of a major upgrade to the WooCommerce Zapier integration.

New two-way integration means changes in WooCommerce can trigger updates and notifications across thousands of cloud apps through Zapier.

Thousands of cloud apps can now change WooCommerce store data, creating or updating Customers, Products, Orders, Coupons and Subscriptions.

At a time when businesses are facing major challenges, this development opens the door to transforming the way your online business runs.

Zapier opens up integration possibilities for apps such as Quickbooks, Slack, Google Sheets & Docs, Twitter, Gmail, Google Calendar, Facebook, Dropbox, DocuSign, Office 365 … thousands of apps helping you automate your business in areas such as Accounting, Calendar, Email, CRM, Marketing Automation, Social Media, Scheduling & Booking, Task Management, Customer Support, Event Management and more.

The WooCommerce Zapier 2.0 release includes:

  • Two-Way Integration: Now with actions, you can use Zaps to create new (and update existing) Coupon, Customer, Product, Order or Subscription data in WooCommerce.
  • New Triggers: Three times (3x) the number of available trigger events.
  • New Data Types: Adds support for Products and Coupons, in addition to the already supported Orders, Customers and Subscriptions.
  • Simplified Zap Creation: Zaps are now easier to create using the editor interface.
  • Powered by the REST API: Increased access to more data fields as well as more robust and reliable data delivery.
  • And more! Please see here for the full release notes.

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A Note to Existing Users

There is an easy to follow migration path to use the new WooCommerce Zapier App. Existing WooCommerce Zapier users have twelve months (until 30 April 2021) to manually migrate their existing Zaps and Zapier Feeds to the new WooCommerce app. Please see here for instructions on how to migrate.