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In 2023, we rolled out an impressive 12 releases, each one enhancing the WooCommerce Zapier integration to make it as widely beneficial as possible.

Take, for instance, our solution to a common request: the ability to trigger workflows based on specific order status changes. We’ve added 17 new trigger rules, streamlining the process and making it accessible even to those on Zapier’s free plan – no need for multi-step Zaps.

Similarly, our Product Stock Update and Product Price Update actions target efficiency by using SKU alongside with ID, an enhancement for all, especially for free plan users who can bypass the Product Find step.

These enhancements significantly improve the experience for free Zapier account users. And now, we’re thrilled to announce that our customers can access more Zapier features without needing a paid account. Plus, certain features are no longer counted towards task usage for paid account holders.

How Can WooCommerce Stores Benefit?

As a WooCommerce store owner, you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to automate your WooCommerce store and enhance customer service. The latest Zapier announcement brings good news: several apps won’t count towards your task usage. This includes Delay, Looping, Sub-Zap, Digest, Zapier Manager, Storage, Zapier Tables, and Zapier Interfaces – all part of the paid plans and now more accessible than ever.

Free plan users aren’t left out, with apps like Digest, Zapier Tables, Zapier Manager, and Zapier Interfaces joining the ranks of Filter, Formatter, and Paths.

Loop Your Way to Efficiency

The Looping app is a godsend for e-commerce, efficiently handling complex order data. It’s perfect for editing or creating nested data like line items or product images.

Delay Actions for Better Timing

Use the Delay app to time your workflows to perfection, schedule post-purchase emails, or restock alerts without consuming tasks.

Compile Data with Digest

The Digest app enables you to compile and release data on a set schedule – think weekly sales reports or monthly analytics, all automated.

Store Data Without Extra Costs

With the Storage app, storing and retrieving data, such as customer preferences or order histories, is now a breeze.

Sub-Zap for Complex Workflows

Link multiple Zaps for intricate automation with Sub-Zap, which is ideal for complex order processing or customer service management.

Manage Your Zaps with Ease

Keep an eye on your automation with Zapier Manager, tracking performance and troubleshooting without worrying about task counts.

Organise with Zapier Tables

Zapier Tables offers a straightforward way to manage data, perfect for inventory tracking or customer query organisation.

Interact with Zapier Interfaces

Zapier Interfaces lets you create custom pages to engage with your Zaps, transforming how you manage admin dashboards or order systems.

How to Access These Benefits

Ensure you’re on a current Zapier plan to take full advantage of these updates. You must update to access the new features if you’re using a legacy plan. Check out the Zapier Help article for more information.

Also ensure you have the latest version WooCommerce Zapier plugin installed, so that you can access the latest features.

Final Thoughts

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The updates to the WooCommerce Zapier Integration are a game-changer for store owners. By reducing Zapier task usage and lifting limitations on essential apps, you’re poised to automate and optimise your e-commerce workflows like never before. Embrace these enhancements for a more efficient and customer-centric WooCommerce store.

Ready to revolutionise your online store? Purchase the WooCommerce Zapier plugin from the Woo Marketplace and take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee to explore the new features.

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