We are excited to announce new improvements to the WooCommerce Zapier plugin that will make it easier you to identify and resolve webhook delivery issues. Our latest updates provide more visibility into webhook errors, allowing you to spot problems and take corrective action quickly. These enhancements will streamline your workflow and help you maintain a reliable connection between WooCommerce and Zapier.

Easier Error Detection in System Status Page

You can now monitor the associated user for Zapier webhooks directly from the system status page, making spotting errors easier. With these updates, you’ll be able to address issues faster and ensure that your WooCommerce store and Zapier integration are functioning seamlessly.

Detailed Error Logging for Improved Troubleshooting

Our update logs every webhook delivery attempt when the content is an error to further assist you in identifying webhook issues. Additionally, every webhook delivery attempt will be logged when you enable the “Enable Detailed Logging” setting. This comprehensive logging allows you to analyze and identify any problems with webhook delivery, helping you resolve issues more effectively.

Resolve webhook issues

Once you have identified an issue with webhook delivery, follow these steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Visit the Zapier platform and reauthenticate the WooCommerce app.
  2. Disable and re-enable the corresponding Zaps in your Zapier account.

Retrospective Data Transfer with Zapier

After spotting a problem and resolving the issue, you can use the Zapier transfer feature to send missing data retrospectively. This ensures that your WooCommerce store and Zapier integration remain in sync, preventing data discrepancies.

We are confident these updates will enhance your experience with WooCommerce Zapier integration and help you maintain a reliable and efficient connection between your store and Zapier.


  • Update: Enable pagination on WooCommerce Zapier Task History metaboxes displayed on the edit Order, Coupon, Product, Subscription & Booking screens. PR #587
  • Update: Always show the associated user for Zapier webhooks in the system status. PR #567
  • Add: Improve system status output to check for user issues in Zapier webhooks. PR #567
  • Add: Always log webhook delivery attempts when the content is an error. PR #567
  • Add: Log every webhook delivery attempt when enabling the “Enable Detailed Logging” setting. PR #567
  • Fix: Handle error when building payload for booking webhooks. PR #567