We are excited to announce a new feature for our WooCommerce Zapier product, which aims to make managing your product stock levels more straightforward and accessible. This update is specially designed for our users who connect with a free Zapier account.

Previously, updating product stock quantities was possible through our Update Product action, but there were some limitations in terms of usability:

  1. The action required targeting the product with an ID and did not work with SKUs. However, most of our users store SKUs across their systems, not the ID from WooCommerce.
  2. There was no built-in calculation to manage quantity. Instead, users had to find the current value from WooCommerce first and then perform the calculations themselves.

A workaround to these limitations was using a “Find Product” action to get the corresponding ID using the SKU or accessing the current stock quantity. Users could then calculate the new value using Code by Zapier. However, this workaround was only available to users with paid Zapier accounts, as it required access to multi-step Zaps.

Say Hello to the “Update Product Stock Quantity” Action

We’ve designed an intelligent action that adapts to your usage requirements. Here’s how it works: Users can choose to search based on ID or SKU and decide how to apply the incoming value (set as a new value, increment by, or reduce by).

The interface looks like this:

WooCommerce Update Product Stock Quantity Action

This new Update Product Stock Quantity action allows users to select how they want to find the product they wish to update and how to change the quantity. Knowing the current quantity beforehand is unnecessary anymore when processing stock intake. The result is a subset of the product data, including the most relevant fields only:

    "id": 1,
    "sku": "DUMMY-SKU",
    "stock_quantity": 10,
    "stock_status": "instock"

Beyond Stock Updates

But that’s not all! The “Update Product Stock Quantity” action is the first to seamlessly handle different types of products including individual variations of a variable product. Historically, support for product variations wasn’t fully covered, as explained in our documentation. However, this new action does not discriminate between product types or variations, broadening its usage beyond stock updates.

We hope you enjoy this small but powerful update to our WooCommerce Zapier integration!

Update Now

To reap the benefits of this feature, updating the WooCommerce Zapier plugin to version 2.5 is crucial. Navigate to your WordPress dashboard, proceed to the ‘Plugins’ section, and you’ll find the update waiting for you. Click the “Update Now” button next to the WooCommerce Zapier plugin and let WordPress do the rest. Once the update is complete, you can use the new “Update Product Stock Quantity” feature. After updating, don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us. We’re excited to see how we can continue to evolve and improve the WooCommerce Zapier integration to serve your needs better. So update now, enjoy the added functionality, and stay tuned for more enhancements in the future!


  • New: Added Update Product Stock Quantity action, which updates the stock quantity of an existing product or variation, by SKU or Product/Variation ID. Please see documentation for details. PR #305
  • Updated: Clarify in the Task History record when Product Variations are sent to Zapier that it was a Variation (not Product). PR #594
  • Updated: Standardise REST API response error codes with a woocommerce_rest_* prefix. PR #594
  • Updated: Standardise Authentication endpoint error response codes to have a woocommerce_auth_* prefix. PR #594
  • Updated: Marked as compatible with WooCommerce 7.7. PR #598
  • Updated: Improve wording and instructions on Authentication Dialogue box. PR #298