The Future of Product Handling is Here

WooCommerce Zapier 2.6.0 has arrived, ushering in the future of product handling with full product variation support. A substantial upgrade from our previous release, this new version represents a leap forward in functionality and flexibility.

Product Actions Revamp

We’ve overhauled the product actions experience in a significant way. All our product actions – namely, Update Product, Create Product, and Find Product – now include product variation seamlessly. This overhaul means Zapier actions align with trigger behaviour, enhancing overall product handling.

WooCommerce Product Actions

WooCommerce Product Actions

Creating Variations

In terms of creating product variations, you can now do so with the correct attribute if you have a store-wide or a product-level attribute ready for use.

Finding Variations

With the updated “Find Product” action, an ID or SKU search can return a product variation. It means that finding a product from an order using SKU is now hassle-free, regardless of the underlying type.

Updating Variations

As for updates, the experience is just as smooth as with the product, meaning that your connected system no longer needs to differentiate.

This means that WooCommerce Zapier 2.6.0 fully supports variable products.

A Multi-Step Zap Showing Variable Product and Variation Creation, Finding and Updating

A Multi-Step Zap Showing Variable Product and Variation Creation, Finding and Updating

New Feature: Update Product Price Action

But there’s more. We are now bringing price management front and centre with the new Update Product Price action, alongside the previously released Update Product Stock Quantity capability. This new action provides users various options for updating prices, including different manipulations based on the current value.

WooCommerce Update Product Price Action

The WooCommerce Update Product Price Action

Aside from setting a new price, you can increase or decrease product prices by a fixed amount or percentage. This action supports setting the regular or sales price, clearing the sales price, or setting the sales price based on the regular price.

New Product Triggers

There’s still more! Version 2.6.0 adds a series of new product triggers, focusing on stock management. We can send product data to Zapier if the stock level status changes, including out-of-stock and backorder configurations. With these new triggers, you can easily automate your stock management, whether the product comes back in stock or sells out.

Importantly, we’ve also introduced a new product trigger that activates when stock is low. This allows you to respond proactively, even before your product runs out of stock. For more information, please refer to the documentation here.

The New WooCommerce Product Stock Triggers

The New WooCommerce Product Stock Triggers

In Summary

WooCommerce Zapier 2.6.0 is a robust upgrade that enriches your WooCommerce experience by integrating comprehensive product variation support, flexible price management, and proactive inventory management. Enjoy the new era of product handling!

Update Now

To reap the benefits of these new features, updating the WooCommerce Zapier plugin to version 2.6 is crucial. Navigate to your WordPress dashboard, proceed to the ‘Plugins’ section, and you’ll find the update waiting for you. Click the “Update Now” button next to the WooCommerce Zapier plugin and let WordPress do the rest.

After updating, don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us, or contact us if you have any questions.




  • Product actions now checking both products and product variation permissions. PR #606
  • Trigger sample data now includes product variations. PR #606
  • Transfer by Zapier product data now includes product variations. PR #606
  • Improve performance of all Search actions by retrieving at most one matching result from REST API GET requests. PR# 314
  • Improve description of Update Product Stock Quantity action. PR# 313
  • Improve description of all Product actions: Create Product, Update Product and Find Product to clarify that product variations are now supported. PR# 315


  • Ensure Update Product Stock REST API endpoint does not accept an empty product_value when searching by SKU. PR #608


  • Remove usage of deprecated important property from all Triggers and Actions. PR# 311
  • Updated dependencies to the latest version, including zapier-platform(core and schema) from 13.0.0 to 14.0.1. PR# 308, PR #309, PR #310