Today we have completed some improvements to the WooCommerce app on

The changes and improvements are aimed at improving the user experience when authenticating, and also with Find/Search actions.

The full list of changes are:

  • Extended search fields for all 5 resources (Find Coupon, Find Customer, Find Order, Find Product and Find Subscription), which now allow you to find existing WooCommerce data in Zaps by much more than just the object ID. Please see here for details.
  • Improved authentication dialog box wording, to clarify which login details are required, and we also now link to the authentication troubleshooting guide
  • Improved error messages whilst authenticating. We’ve also updated our authentication troubleshooting guide with more suggested solutions for common authentication problems.
  • Improved handling of malformed JSON responses from the WooCommerce REST API.
  • Include username in the authentication connection label.

All existing users already have access to these changes without needing to lift a finger. Enjoy!