Chris Lema's Infusionsoft WordPress Integration article

Chris Lema’s Infusionsoft WordPress Integration article

Chris Lema has recently written about integrating InfusionSoft with a WordPress website, and one of his suggestions was to use Zapier to integrate your WooCommerce store with MailChimp, TaskRabbit, or Zendesk:

So say you have a WooCommerce site. You buy the Zapier Extension and every time a buyer makes a purchase, you can use that order as a trigger to place them into a MailChimp list (for post-purchase follow up).

You can also use Zapier to put a new task in TaskRabbit, so your virtual assistant can physically mail them a gift.

Want to use Zapier to also create a new user / organization in your Zendesk account? Done.

Chris’ article highlights the power and flexibility available to you when using Zapier and WooCommerce together.

In addition to these 3 services, you can also integrate WooCommerce with 238 other services.

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We’ve also created an in the news page, where you can see a list of sites that have mentioned the WooCommerce Zapier integration plugin.