Version 2.0.6 of the WooCommerce Zapier plugin is now available.

This release is a maintenance release that adds compatibility for the newly released PHP version 8, as well as some other minor improvements:

  • New: Compatibility with PHP 8. #368
  • Fix: Deprecated warning that occurs on PHP 8 for the OM4\WooCommerceZapier\TaskHistory\Task constructor. #368
  • Change: Send X-WordPress-GMT-Offset HTTP header during webhook deliveries to Zapier to help improve date/time timezone conversion reliability in Zaps. #362
  • Change: Improved handling of Task History messages so that they correctly show the trigger rule and View/Edit Zap link after the corresponding Zap has been turned off. #307
  • Change: Improved Authentication error messages. PR #350
  • Change: Marked as compatible with WooCommerce 4.7.

Update today!

The latest plugin version can be downloaded via your WordPress dashboard, or the my account page.