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Zaps Not Firing - WP Cron

Have you set up the plugin but your zaps are not firing?

The WooCommerce Zapier plugin relies on the WordPress Cron service. If cron isn't turned on, the WooCommerce Zapier plugin won't work.

Find out how to install the WordPress Crontrol Plugin to identify issues with the way cron is running on your installation: WordPress Cron


If something is going wrong, there is a plugin that you can install to log detailed WooCommerce Zapier events to help identify exactly what is happening and when.

Install the WooCommerce Zapier Debug plugin. Once it is up and running, it will keep a detailed log of events. You (or the support team, if you give them access) can access this log from Dashboard, Plugins, WooCommerce Zapier Debug.

Data Fields

Looking for a particular data field you want to work with?  Check out the full list of supported data fields.

Feature Suggestions

We pay close attention to new feature suggestions. Please check the WooCommerce Ideas Board for WooCommerce Zapier - if your suggestion is already there, vote for it. If not, enter it as a new idea. We periodically integrate popular feature suggestions into the product.

Detailed Troubleshooting

Check out the Troubleshooting section of the main WooCommerce Zapier documentation page.

Getting Support

If you have purchased the WooCommerce Zapier extension from and have an active support subscription, you can raise a support ticket to get help in resolving you issue. Go to and login to raise your ticket.

WooCommerce Zapier Debug Plugin