Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit) offers a service that allows you to select from a range of over 25,000 high-quality fonts for your WordPress website. The fonts are applied using the font-face standard, so they are standards compliant, fully licensed, and accessible.

This plugin allows you to embed and use Adobe Fonts fonts in your WordPress site without having to edit your theme's header or CSS files.

To use this plugin you need to sign up with Adobe Fonts, install this plugin and then configure CSS for your site. Detailed instructions are available on the plugin's settings page.

Compatible with WordPress Multisite.

This plugin is designed to function securely with both WordPress and WordPress Multisite. When the JavaScript Embed Code is entered on the settings page, the user account id is extracted from the embed code and the correctly formed Typekit Embed Code is included in the site header, so it is not possible to use the Embed Code field to include arbitrary JavaScript. The Custom CSS field is also filtered, and doesn't allow any HTML code to be entered.

Uses Adobe Fonts' latest recommended embed code (which uses a https:// embed code URL for all sites).