Integrate your WooCommerce store with the e-Path payment gateway.

WooCommerce + e-PathThe e-Path service collects your customer's credit card details with an approval to charge. You are notified by email so you can log in to securely view the credit card details and process the order offline using your manual merchant account.

It is not necessary to use an online merchant account with e-Path, only a basic MOTO merchant account is used. While individual circumstances may vary, the merchant service fee for a MOTO merchant account may be lower than the rate for an online merchant account. e-Path charge a one off setup and an annual fee for their service, but do not charge per transaction.

All credit card handling is performed on the PCI compliant e-Path website. The merchant website does not require an SSL certificate.

The integration works like this:

  1. During checkout, your customer is transferred to the e-Path website, and their credit card details are entered and stored in your e-Path account.
  2. You log into your e-Path account (via the e-Path website) to retrieve the customer's credit card details.
  3. You manually process the credit card payment, update the order's status, and ship the order.

e-Path requirements for merchant accounts: e-Path Merchant Requirements


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