Save time. Avoid busywork.
Connect your WooCommerce store to more than 7,000 cloud apps.

Using Zapier and the WooCommerce Zapier extension you can send WooCommerce order, product, customer, coupon, subscription, membership and booking data to 7000+ cloud services.

Key Benefits

Stay Current

Two-Way Integration

Two-way integration for your WooCommerce store and thousands of cloud apps.

Two way automation for:

  • Orders
  • Coupons
  • Customers
  • Memberships
  • Products & Variations
  • Subscriptions
Save time

Save time

Save time by integrating your WooCommerce store with services you already use and love, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Zendesk, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor FreshBooks & more!



Speed up your processes by letting Zapier do the work for you, instantly: instead of making the same changes every time a new order comes in, a new customer makes a purchase or an order’s status changes, set up an automation once and let it run forever.

Never forget

Never forget

Never forget a step: let one event in WooCommerce trigger multiple changes in multiple apps to help you avoid missing things.

Be Efficient

Be Efficient

Efficiently notify the all right members of your team and only the right ones: set up filtering on notifications so only the relevant people are alerted to changes.

React Instantly

React Instantly

Take necessary steps at critical moments: reduce shopping cart abandonment by acting quickly on cancelled orders, follow-up with customers right after they purchase and more.


Accounting, Billing & Invoicing





Send new customer information to your accounting system, and convert orders to invoices. Zapier helps you integrate with over 20 Accounting, billing and invoicing systems including QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks, Wave, FreeAgent, Zoho Books, OpenERP, Float, Expensify, Saasu, Quickfile, Bkper, Quaderno, LessAccounting, AccountingSuite, Abacus, Run my Accounts, NetSuite and Odoo. For detailed zap suggestions see the following:


Agile CRM WooCommerce Integration

Agile CRM



Set up your new customers in your CRM. Zapier helps you integrate with over 50 leading CRM systems including Infusionsoft, HubSpot, Zoho CRM, PipeDrive, Highrise, Insightly, Base, Agile CRM, Capsule CRM, ProsperWorks, SugarCRM, Nimble, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Solve CRM.  We have detailed Zap suggestions for the following:

Email Marketing


Campaign Monitor



Add your new customers to your email lists.

Phone, SMS and Email Notifications



Google Mail


Zapier Mail


Keep your customers and fulfillment partners up to date with information about new orders and order status changes via SMS, phone or email.

File Management



Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Docs

Google Docs

Keep your office spreadsheets and other files up to date with new order information.

Help Desk



Help Scout

Help Scout

Keep your Help Desk system up to date when transactions require support.

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