Are you ready to take your WooCommerce store’s membership management to the next level? The latest update to the WooCommerce Zapier integration introduces robust features in version 2.10 that enhance how you manage memberships. Let’s explore how these updates can help make your online store more efficient and customer-friendly.

What Is WooCommerce Zapier Integration?

For those new to Zapier, it’s an online automation tool that connects your favourite apps, such as WooCommerce, email services, CRMs, and more. It allows you to create ‘Zaps,’ automated workflows that trigger actions in other apps whenever certain events happen in your WooCommerce store. The WooCommerce Zapier Integration provides the necessary connection between your store and Zapier. Zapier acts as a bridge, enabling different applications to work together, saving time and reducing effort.

Streamlined Membership Management at Your Fingertips


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The WooCommerce Memberships plugin is a versatile extension that converts your eCommerce site into a dynamic membership platform. With the latest WooCommerce Zapier plugin update, you can automate tasks for Membership Plans and User Memberships, helping to reduce manual work and freeing time to focus on growing your business.

Advanced Triggers for Proactive Workflows

The integration now boasts 17 new triggers, giving you more control over your membership operations:

  • User Membership Triggers: Trigger zaps in response to creation, deletion, status changes, and updates in a user’s membership lifecycle.
  • Membership Plan Triggers: Simplify the management of your membership plans with triggers that react to creation, deletion, updates, and restoration events.

With these triggers, your WooCommerce store can communicate with many apps, facilitating the synchronisation of membership information.

Actions to Amplify Efficiency

Four new actions have been introduced, enabling you to:

  • Create and Update User Memberships: Add new members or update existing memberships more easily.
  • Find User Membership: Search for and manage individual user memberships more efficiently.
  • Find Membership Plan: Quickly locate and manage your membership plans.

Real-World Benefits of the Update

Consider the advantages of these new features:

  • Enrol New Members: Automatically enrol new members into external systems such as learning platforms or forums.
  • Sync Plans: Help keep your external systems informed of new membership plans or changes without manual data entry.
  • Notify Members: Send notifications to members about new plans or updates directly from WooCommerce.
  • Marketing Automation: Use Zapier’s delay or schedule feature to send targeted marketing emails to increase engagement and retention.

Begin Your Automation Journey

To take advantage of these new features, update your WooCommerce Zapier plugin to version 2.10.0. This step is important to unlock the new Membership Plan and User Membership functionalities.

Why This Matters for Your Online Business

Automation is crucial in today’s eCommerce landscape. With WooCommerce Memberships support through Zapier, you can automate communications, help keep membership data in sync, and create workflows to save time and reduce human error.

Dive into the Documentation

For a detailed understanding of these new capabilities, review the updated documentation on User Memberships and Membership Plans. You’ll find step-by-step guides on setting up and using the new triggers and actions here.

Take Action Today

The enhancements to the WooCommerce Zapier integration for WooCommerce Memberships significantly improve the store owner experience. Streamlining membership management allows you to shift your focus to what truly matters—providing exceptional value to your customers and growing your business.

Ready to improve your membership management? Buy or update your WooCommerce Zapier plugin today. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can confidently take the first step towards automation. Don’t wait—let WooCommerce and Zapier support your membership site’s success!

Embrace automation. Elevate your store. Enhance your members’ experience.