Today we have completed some great improvements to the WooCommerce app on and the WooCommerce Zapier plugin, including:

Transfer by Zapier

The release includes a powerful integration with Zapier’s new Transfer by Zapier tool.

Transfer by Zapier with WooCommerce

This opens up many new use-cases for WooCommerce Zapier, including:

Bulk Exporting WooCommerce Data to 4000+ Apps

You can now use Transfer by Zapier to bulk export WooCommerce data to any of the 4000+ apps available on Zapier:

  • Bulk Export Orders from WooCommerce
  • Bulk Export Products from WooCommerce
  • Bulk Export Customers from WooCommerce
  • Bulk Export Coupons from WooCommerce to
  • Bulk Export Subscriptions from WooCommerce
  • Bulk Export Bookings from WooCommerce to

This is particularly useful if you ever change one of your underlying systems. For example, if you change your CRM to a new system, you can bulk import WooCommerce data into your new system with a few clicks.

Bulk Importing Data into WooCommerce from 4000+ apps

You can now use Transfer by Zapier to bulk import data from another app into WooCommerce:

  • Bulk Import Orders into WooCommerce
  • Bulk Import Products into WooCommerce
  • Bulk Import Customers into WooCommerce
  • Bulk Import Coupons into WooCommerce
  • Bulk Import Subscriptions into WooCommerce

All existing WooCommerce Zapier actions are available for use in Transfer by Zapier.

To get started, please see the new Transfer by Zapier section in our documentation, where we have some specific use-cases, examples, and instructions on how to get started.

Note: Transfer by Zapier is currently available to Zapier users as a beta experience and is subject to change.

Wordfence Security Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

This release also improves compatibility with the popular Wordfence Security plugin.

It is now possible to use Wordfence Security’s Two Factor Authentication feature, along with WooCommerce Zapier.

This gives WooCommerce store owners the security benefits of two-factor authentication and the convenience of automating their store with WooCommerce Zapier.

Please see this documentation section for details.

Improved Error Messages

The error messages displayed in the Zap editor have been greatly improved. They now show the underlying error message from WordPress/WooCommerce.

This makes complex Zaps (such as Create Order Zaps) much easier to set up, configure and troubleshoot.

For example, instead of a generic Communication error. 400 Bad Request error message, you will now see a detailed and specific error message that will help you understand the issue.

This improvement is designed to save you time and should make your Zap setup process much more streamlined.

PHP 8.1 and WordPress 5.9 Compatibility

Version 2.3.0 of the WooCommerce Zapier plugin is compatible with PHP 8.1, provided you are using WordPress 5.9 or newer.

Other Improvements

The full list of changes can be found in our WooCommerce Zapier 2.3.0 release notes.

Please ensure you update the WooCommerce Zapier plugin to version 2.3.0 to get access to all of these new features and improvements.

The latest plugin version can also be downloaded via your WordPress dashboard, or your my account page.