Version 2.1 of the WooCommerce Zapier plugin is now available.

This release adds support for the newly released WooCommerce Subscriptions v3.1, as well as WooCommerce 5.2.

Please ensure you update to this WooCommerce Zapier version before updating to WooCommerce Subscriptions 3.1.

Other changes include:

  • New: Add support for the newly released WooCommerce Subscriptions v3.1. #426, #431
  • Fix: Avoid a PHP fatal error that occurs with WooCommerce Subscriptions v3.1 (which introduces a v3 subscriptions REST API endpoint). PR #425
  • Fix: Ensure Subscriptions webhooks are created with the REST API v1 version, to improve compatibility with WooCommerce Subscriptions version 3.1. #431
  • Fix: Performance Improvement: ensure resources are initialised only once (not twice). PR #411.
  • Change: Remove unused REST API endpoint routes and methods. #412
  • Change: Minimum required PHP version is now 7.0. No longer supporting PHP 5.6.x. #423
  • Change: Minimum required WordPress version is 4.9.0. #423
  • Change: Minimum required WooCommerce version is 3.7.0. #213, #423
  • Change: Marked as compatible with WooCommerce 5.2. PR #417, PR #428
  • Change: Update documentation links to new site. PR #439
  • Dev: Refactor resource definitions #422

Update today!

The latest plugin version can be downloaded via your WordPress dashboard, or the my account page.